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    Hercules BEC

    Price:  $39.97

    This new Battery Eliminator Circuit is designed and manufactured in Canada with the same high quality components as the Western Robotics' original HBEC BEC but with a new compact look! The Hercules Battery Eliminator Circuit is a high efficiency, high power switching voltage regulator designed to work with all popular brands of RC receivers and servo(s) that eliminates the need for a separate battery source. The Hercules will boost performance on your R/C model by reducing the overall weight while maintaining a high current output from high voltage sources. The Hercules BEC is ideal for today's more demanding R/C models that require higher voltage sources up to 10 lithium polymer cell batteries. SPECIFICATIONS: Height ----- 17mm Width ----- 27mm Length ----- 41mm Weight ----- 27 grams FEATURES: l Compact high efficiency 4.4V, 5.3V, 6V or 8.4V selectable voltage regulator. l Wide input voltage range from 6.5V to 45V. (10V for 8.4V output) (6-30 NiCd/NiMH or 3-10 LiPoCells) l High current capability up to 3.3 Amp continuous. l High power output that handles up to 8 servos. l Protects against Thermal/Current overloads. l LED status indicator gives visual feedback. l High quality power components to withstand high voltage & current with no interference.

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