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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 September, 2014.

    Tail Servo Volage Step Down with LED

    Price:  $5.97

    Tail Servo Step-Down Voltage is ideally designed to step-down a voltage source of 6 volts that is outputted from any external BEC (battery eliminator circuit) down to 5.2 volts. This allows an external 6 volt BEC to be used with Futaba servo models 9241. 9251. 9253. 9254. 9255. 9256 and other digital servos that are not capable of handling 6 volts. The Tail Servo Step-Down Voltage is equipped with male/female servo plugs and is ideally used in series with the RC model�s gyro and rudder servo to prevent any harmful damage overloading to your servo. The Tail Servo Step-Down Voltage can also be used with any other applications that require a step down power voltage of approximately 0.8 volts. SPECIFICATIONS: Height ----- 4 mm Width ----- 8 mm Length ----- 12 mm Weight ----- 4 grams FEATURES: l Ultra compact step-down voltage regulator cable to reduce 6V source to a safe 5.2V to the rudder servo. l High power component to withstand current of up to 5 Amps continuous 10 Amps peak at 50V. l Prevents harmful damage and overloading to the digital rudder/tail servo. l Easy installation. $5.97

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