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    Titan Distributor

    Price:  $57.97

    The Titan Distributor provides regulated voltage protection for up to 5 servo functions with 5 regulated output ports rated at either 5.2V or 6V and 5 bypassed (unregulated up to 10V) ports. The Titan Distributor eliminates the dangers of mixing higher voltage power systems to standard voltage servos and gyros that only have voltage limits of 6 volts or less. The Titan Distributor uses a powerful no noise linear regulator that will not interfere with any radio system with current loads of up to 10 Amps continuous. It includes a built in battery monitor that provides visual feedback for your connected battery. The battery monitor is capable of measuring the battery strength from 6V to 9V with the aid of 7 LEDs which result in 0.5V resolution readings. The Titan Distributor is ideally to be used as a regulator and power bus with gyros and servo motors in R/C aircraft models. There are a total of up to 5 channels of servos that can be used, each individual channel has a linear regulated 5.2/6V port and a raw battery bypass port with the signal pin tied together. This allows the Titan Distributor to be used to supply high performance servos with raw battery voltages typically 7.4V up to 10V while still supply regulated power back to the receiver for Tail/Rudder servos, Gyros and other support equipment that requires regulated 6V or less voltage. Also, the Titan Distributor can be used to supply raw battery voltage to Receivers that can handle higher voltages up to 10V while regulating 6V or less power for to the Tail/Rudder servos, Gyros and other support equipment. FEATURES: - Compact 6V/5.2V selectable linear voltage regulator and power bus with 5 socket bus. - 2 separate voltage outputs per paired channel of one regulated 6V/5.2V and another for unregulated output from your battery pack. - Ideal for 2 cell Lithium Polymer battery applications. Wide input voltage range of 6V min. to 10V max. - Built-in battery monitor with 8 LED status indicators gives visual feedback - High total current capability of 10 amps continuous. - Ideal voltage management system for 3D pilots of R/C helicopter models. - Built-in Thermal and Current overload protection. - Includes five 8” male to male servo extensions plug for easy installation. - Ideal for any R/C models that are equipped with servos/gyros requiring a 6V or 5.2V supply. Height ----- 20 mm Width ----- 21 mm l Length ----- 50 mm (not including connector) Weight ----- 35 grams