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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 September, 2014.

    WatchDog Failsafe

    Price:  $20.95

    This new WatchDog Micro Failsafe is designed and manufactured in Canada with state of the art micro controller technology that will eliminate any possibility of your R/C vehicle from losing control. Once your R/C controller loses control of your R/C vehicle, the WatchDog will act as a "failsafe" that will safely turn off and put you R/C vehicle in idle preventing it from going out of control. It is universally designed to work with all popular brands of R/C systems. It is also equipped with male and female plugs to provide easy installation. This device is recommended for all types of R/C car and truck models. FEATURES: l Compact waterproof design works in any hostile environment. l Ultra low power consumption with operational voltage as low as 3.3V Battery Voltage Strength monitor with Hysterisis. l L.E.D status indicator gives visual feedback. l Ultra fast signal loss detection for quickest reaction time. l 200,000 hour data retention dependability. l Single touch programming jumper allows rapid setup. l Built in electrical noise filter and suppressor offering superior signal readings. SPECIFICATIONS: Height ----- 5mm Width ----- 26mm Length ----- 16mm Weight ----- 6 grams

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