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    Hercules BEC High Voltage

    Price:  $54.95

    The new Hercules Battery Eliminator Circuit High Voltage version HBEC-HV is first to be designed and manufactured in Canada with the future in mind. It's made with high quality components that can withstand even more extreme high voltages up to 60 Volts. Hercules Battery Eliminator Circuit HV is a glitch free high efficiency, high power switching regulator designed to work with all popular brands of R/C receivers and servos. It provides safe and consistent power to your R/C receiver and servo(s) that eliminates the need for a separate battery source. The Hercules HV will boost performance on your R/C model by reducing the overall weight while maintaining a high current output from high voltage sources. The Hercules BEC HV is ideal for today's more demanding R/C aircrafts equipped with ESC's that demands for higher voltages. SPECIFICATIONS: Height ----- 15mm Width ----- 27mm Length ----- 54mm FEATURES: l Compact high efficiency 5V or 6V switching voltage regulator. l Wide input voltage range from 9V to 60V. (8-30 NiCd/NiMH or 3-14 LiPoCells) Click to Download Instruction Manual l High current capability up to 3.5A continuous. l High power output that handles multiple standard and digital servos. l Protects against Thermal/Current overloads. l LED status indicator gives visual feedback l High quality power toroid coil technology that provides the least Electro-Magnetic Interference. l Over-rated 10 Amp diodes guarantees consistent high current supply. l Laboratory burn-in tested at excess of 3.5 Amp, 58.8V input continuous load for 48 hrs of uninterrupted operation (under ventilation)

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