Centurion Remote Glow Driver and Beacon


The Centurion is designed with an advanced micro-controller technology that serves as a dual purpose remote glow plug igniter and audible recovery beacon for any R/C model application. It simply connects to your model’s R/C receiver or Battery pack and glow plug. The Centurion drives and monitors the R/C model's engine cylinder glow plug with the control of the transmitter's available channel and/or alternatively it can driven manually with an external remote push button (sold separately). This helps the model’s engine from starting and maintaining idle. This unique device monitors your attached receivers battery voltage or battery pack and also indicates if the glow plug is faulty or disconnected with the aid of the green light emitting diode (LED) and/or with an optional remote audible buzzer extension (sold separately). The Centurion has built in features that include a selectable 12 or 40 second glow drive auto shut off to protect and extend the glow plug and battery life. Also a selectable on/off select is available to turn off the transmitter remote glow if you only wish to drive the glow manually with the push button. In this mode, the transmitter will only trigger the Centurion to act as a audible model recovery beacon with the aid of an audible buzzer if you ever loose site of your model. It is universally designed to work with all popular brands of radio control systems and is fits in all types of R/C models. It is equipped with male/male servo plug and glow plug pigtail cable to provide easy installation. This device is recommended for all types of R/C car, truck, plane, helicopter and boat models that uses a glow plug.

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  • Remotely or manually ignite your cylinder engine glow plug safely and consistently for easier engine start ups and maintain idle.
  • Prolongs glow plug life compared to battery operated starters and glow ignitor.
  • Ultra low power consumption with operational voltage range of 3.5 to18 volts. Can be powered by the same receiver battery or by a separate battery pack. Ideal for 1s to 4s LiPo battery packs.
  • Very high efficiency glow driver up to 91% efficient to prolong batterylife.
  • Monitors cylinder glow plug integrity and receiver/battery pack low voltage warning.
  • One red and green LED status indicator gives visual feedback of “receiver/battery” and “glow plug drive” operation.
  • Smart glow plug driver that learns the transmitter remote trigger channel signal, to prevent false glow drive triggers upon power up of the transmitter and receiver. This also eliminates the confusion for the need of servo reversal trigger toggle.
  • Safety features includes selectable 12 or 40 second glow drive auto shut off if the glow was left on.
  • Remote audible model recovery beacon and radio transmission signal lost beacon.
  • Thermal and over current (short circuit) protection.
  • Optional external remote push button to trigger glow plug.  Sold seperately.
  • Optional high decibel audible buzzer for glow drive status indicator and lost model recovery beacon. Sold separately.



  • Height - 20 mm
  • Width - 24 mm
  • Length - 24 mm
  • Weight - 16 grams
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