Hercules Linear Battery Eliminator Circuit



This Battery Eliminator Circuit is a unique linear BEC made to withstand high current loads of 10 Amps continuous integrated with a 2 Cell LiPo Battery Monitor similar to Western Robotics' Spectrum .  The Hercules Linear BEC uses a high quality linear voltage regulator meaning it will produce no interference to any more sensitive popular brands of R/C radio systems or electronics. It provides safe and consistent power to your R/C receiver and servo(s) that eliminates the need for a separate battery source.  It also uses a unique ultra bright super flux wide angle LED that gives an advanced 6 level battery strength indication through its color spectrum.  LiPO batteries are unlike other batteries and discharges on a non-linear curve, therefore it is important not to drain any LiPO batteries to minimum before charging as it can cause permanent damage.  The Hercules Linear can prevent this by giving you an early indication of your LiPO battery strength and at the same time provide regulated consistent power.  The Hercules Linear BEC is ideal for today’s more demanding R/C aircrafts equipped with servos that require even higher current demands.

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  • Compact high efficiency 5.4V and 6V selectable linear voltage regulator  and battery monitor
  • Ideal for 2 cell Lithium Polymer battery applications.  Input voltage range from 6V Min. to 10V Max.
  • High current capability of 10 Amps continuous 15 Amps peak with proper ventilation.
  • Ultra Bright Super Flux LED status indicator gives visual 6 level spectrum feedback of LED indicator schemes
  • Protects against Thermal and Current overload
  • Optional On/Off Power Switch extension allows you to turn the Hercules output power on or off remotely. (Sold separately)
  • Optional high decibel buzzer for audible low battery indicator (sold separately).
  • Optional 2nd Ultra Bright Super Flux LED status indicator extension (sold separately).



  • Height - 21.7 mm
  • Width - 37 mm
  • Length - 70 mm
  • Weight - 67 grams
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