WatchDog Micro Fail-Safe


The WatchDog Micro Failsafe is designed and manufacutured in Canada with state of the art micro-controller technology that will eliminate any possibility of your R/C vehicle from lost of control. Once your R/C controller loose control of your R/C vehicle, theWatchDog will act as a “failsafe” that will safely turn off your model in idle preventing it from going out of control. It is universally designed to work with all popular brands of radio controlled vehicle systems.

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  • Compact water resistant design works in any hostile environment
  • Ultra low power consumption with operational voltage as low as 3.3 Volts.
  • Battery voltage strength monitoring with Hysterisis.
  • LED status indicator gives visual feedback.
  • Ultra fast signal loss detection for quickest reaction time.
  • 200,000 hour data retention dependability.
  • Built in electrical noise filter and suppressor offering superior signal reads.



  • Height - 5 mm
  • Width - 15 mm
  • Length - 30 mm
  • Weight - 5 gram
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